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1,001 Things That Fu#*ing Piss Me Off

If you’re anything like me, the list of things that piss you off is pretty f#*ing long. 

Admit it, each of us has those little things that fu#*ing piss us off in our everyday life. Those stupid, nagging little things that just piss us off.

My book 1,001 Things That Fu#*ing Piss Me Off  simply compiles 1,001 of those things that fu#*ing piss me off for your comparison and reading amusement.


Some of the things that fu#*ing piss me off:

Things People Say

“Have a safe flight.” (It’s not like you as the passenger have any control unless the dumbass who said it actually thought you were flying the plane.)


Asking the candidate, “Where do you want to be in five years?” (If we’re being honest, I certainly don’t want to be talking to you because that’s a damned dumb question.)


Shedding hair. (We have rescued Beethoven, the – you guessed it – St, Bernard, and June, a huge, old, loveable mastiff, and they both shed beyond belief. There were days when I wondered why they weren’t bald. So I know shedding and it still fu#*ing pisses me off. Going into a home covered witgh dog hair is gross.)


Short men’s workout shorts. (We all know and don’t want to see what happens the minute you sit down.)

Social Media

Posting favorite foods. (I’m barely okay with you telling me what your favorite food are so why do you think I need to see a picture of the food to understand what it is?)

What Pisses You Off?

Don’t mistake this book for me telling you what’s right and what’s wrong or what’s good and what’s bad. Rather, it’s my attempt to describe those things in my daily life that just fu#*ing piss me off. Incredibly, I found that many of the things that piss me off, I actually do, or (equally embarrassing) I found that it really pisses me off that some of the things in this book piss me off.

In the end, I hope you find a few things in this book that make you chuckle, either to yourself or out loud, because they fu#*ing piss you off too! And hey, if you think of something I missed, share it with me here!

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